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Sexual and reproductive health is a key component to the overall health and well-being of Latinas/os, yet our community faces persistent barriers to health, economic security, and obtaining education and health services that can keep us from or lift us out of poverty.

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Young Parenting

Teens need youth-friendly services and complete, accurate information in order to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy. But they also need to be able to envision a positive future for themselves: one in which education, employment, and healthy relationships are possible.

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Contraceptive Access & Affordability

Ensuring access to birth control for all Latinas is important for securing Latinas' human right to health care. Access to birth control will improve our health and strengthen our communities by supporting a woman’s individual decision-making.

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Abortion Care

Latinas/os, in particular millennials, generally take very progressive positions on sexual health issues including supporting that all individuals have affordable access to abortion.

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Comprehensive Sex Education

Latina/o youth, like all young people, have the right to lead healthy lives, and they want sex education that includes not only contraception and disease prevention, but also decision-making skills, healthy relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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