Comprehensive Sex Education

Latina/o youth, like all young people, have the right to lead healthy lives, and they want sex education that includes not only contraception and disease prevention, but also decision-making skills, healthy relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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The research is overwhelming: comprehensive sex education programs do not encourage youth to start having sex.

  • Latinas/os understand that sexual development is a normal part of growing up, and it is better for young people to have the information and support they need to stay healthy than it is to just tell them no.

Comprehensive sex education programs promote abstinence as the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while also teaching accurate and age appropriate information on healthy relationships, contraception and STIs.

  • Each year in the US almost 750,000 teenagers become pregnant, the vast majority of which are unintended.
  • Young people ages 15-24 contract almost half the nation’s 19 million new STIs every year; and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that one in four young women ages 15-19 has an STI.
  • Approximately one in ten high school students have experienced physical violence from a dating partner in the last year. Girls who experience dating violence have sex earlier than their peers and are less likely to use birth control and more likely to engage in a wide variety of high-risk behaviors.
  • Even as pregnancy rates have dropped across the board, Latinas still experience higher rates of pregnancy among young people than any other racial/ethnic group.
  • LGBT students experience discrimination and bullying. Eighty-two percent of LGBT students have experienced harassment due to their sexual orientation, and 38 percent have experienced physical harassment.

Comprehensive Sex Education
is worth talking about!

Whether an opportunity comes up spontaneously or you initiate it, use our toolkit so that you can be ready to talk about this issue.

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