Abortion Care

Latinas/os, in particular millennials, generally take very progressive positions on sexual health issues including supporting that all individuals have affordable access to abortion.

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Most youth agree that in general, abortion should remain legal.

  • Two thirds (67%) of Millennials of color agree that “regardless of how I personally feel about abortion, I believe it should remain legal and women should be able to get safe abortions.” Three-quarters of African American (75%) and API (75%) young adults agree with the statement. Close to six in ten (59%) Latinas/os express support for legal abortion in this question.
  • Latinas believe everyone in their community should have access to abortion, with nearly five in ten rating access to pregnancy termination a score of 6 or higher on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being “not important at all” and 10 being “extremely important”.

Access to healthcare remains a major challenge for our community.

  • Latinas have the lowest rate of health insurance coverage of women of any other racial or ethnic group. Of Latinas/os age 17 and under, 20% have no health insurance, a figure three times higher than for white youth.
  • Immigrant youth and parents are less likely to be familiar with the U.S. health care system or the range of options available – including contraception and knowing that abortion is legal in the U.S. Immigrants may also fear legal repercussions to accessing health care.

Abortion Care
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